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Casa D'Blanca Nails & Spa



Are you ready to indulge in the ultimate self-care experience?

At Casa D'Blanca Nails and Spa, we understand that your hands deserve the very best. Our manicure services are designed to not only make your nails look stunning but also leave you feeling rejuvenated and pampered.


Why choose our manicure services?


1. Unmatched Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is a core value with our staff, ensuring that your visit is not just about a manicure, but a memorable experience.

2. Precision and Creativity: We take pride in our craft. From perfectly shaping your nails to creating freehand nail art, each of our premium manicure services are customized to enhance your natural beauty.

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Ready for healthy nails?

Relieve stress, ease tension, and leave feeling lighter than yesterday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with a classic manicure?

The following is included in your classic manicure:

  • Soothing hand soak
  • Cuticle clean-up
  • Precise nail shaping
  • Hydrating cuticle oil treatment
  • Your choice of regular polish or Shellac

What's the difference between a deluxe manicure and a classic manicure?

Our deluxe manicure is a step above the classic manicure.

We offer a deep treatment that focuses on addressing extra cuticles, hangnails, and dry skin.

In addition to the services included in a classic manicure, the deluxe option pampers you with a soothing lotion massage that enhances relaxation and ensures your hands feel incredibly rejuvenated.

What's the difference between the "Gentlemen's Sport Manicure" and "Gentlemen's Extreme Manicure"?

The key difference between the Gentlemen's Sport Manicure and the Gentlemen's Extreme Manicure is simple.

The Gentlemen's Sport Manicure involves a hand soak, nail shape/trim, cuticle treatment, lotion massage, and hydrating cuticle oil treatment.

The Gentlemen's Extreme Manicure is a deep treatment manicure where our technicians focus on addressing those extra cuticles, callous, ingrowns and hangnails. It involves a hand soak, cuticle clean up, nail shaping/trim, lotion massage, and hydrating cuticle oil treatment.

Do I need to remove my existing nail polish before getting a manicure?

You're welcome to come in with clean nails, but don't worry if you have old polish on.

Our skilled technicians can take care of removing it as part of your manicure service.

We're here to make sure your nails look their absolute best!

Can I get a manicure with nail extensions?

Certainly! We provide manicures for both natural and extended nails to ensure they look their best.

How long will my manicure appointment take?

A standard manicure usually takes about 45 minutes, while a spa manicure may extend up to an hour or more.

Are there any risks involved?

The risks associated with the services we offer are minimal – some may experience reactions to certain products/ingredients that they might be allergic to (scents, artificial nail dust, mineral oils, nail polish ingredients – but this is rare and we haven’t had any clients who have had negative reactions to the products used)

  • ★★★★★

    "Absolutely love this salon! I get shellac manicures and my polish lasts for 4 weeks! The girls that work there are so sweet and friendly. They treat you like family. My appointment’s are always on time." - Miranda G

  • ★★★★★

    "I called and needed an appointment for the day of, they were able to squeeze me in and Amy did an amazing job! I had not had my nails done for a long time and she made them look great! Highly recommend. Everyone was super friendly! 10/10." - Leah M

  • ★★★★★

    "A great place for anything related to manicures , pedicures and polish . The Aestheticians are very knowledgeable, take their time , perfectionists and very friendly.
    Never disappoint 💅👍🏻" - Marisa S

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